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My family are frequent Caridad and Louie's customers. Their food is always delivered hot. The only complaint we have are the maduros. They aren't very consistent. Sometimes they are too dry and sometimes they are just a heap of mush. I think that they use the maduros they have at their take out counter for deliveries and the good ones for the in restaurant customers. Other than that one issue they are great. If you go there to eat in you won't be disappointed. The staff is super friendly.


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Delivery was early, and the food was incredible.
I've ordered this food from other places and always found it to be either a little bland or the chicken a little under cooked. Not this place as soon as I received it I opened up the chicken and sampled it and was blown away at the flavor.
The plantains were great. Everything from this place was flavorful. This is my new favorite place.


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I've ordered from Caridad & Louie's Restaurant for years, today was my first grubhub order with them, it's almost always been a pleasant experience buying food from this restaurant with today being no exception. My order was on point, and so was the food. Wendy (the receptionist) was definitely courteous and caring towards taking my order. I definitely recommend this restaurant.


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Ordered rice and beans & pork chops. It was a great dinner and I enjoyed it very much. The cheesecake was delicious!! Definitely ordering from them again!!!!

The delivery was excellent and I got all of the utensils and sides I needed!! Cant wait to order from them during the holiday season!!!

Thanks Caridad!!!!


Top Reviewer
Everything I ordered was exactly what I hoped to get! Delicious, well seasoned and great portion sizes. The rice and peas was moist, the rotisserie chicken juicy, the sancocho was like someones abuela made it, and the mofongo was on point. I would definitely order again and the delivery time was perfect.

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Many delivery guys are rude and make you go to their car, so when I get great delivery service I always acknowledge it. Their delivery guys are great!!! They're always nice and deliver to you and on time. The food is amazing very authentic Spanish flavor! I love this place!


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I'm home sick and alone. Caridad and Louie's chicken noodle soup brought me back to life and I might live to order it again. Thank you! Delivery man was very nice and my soup came still hot. I already knew that their pernil is the best I've ever had.


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The best chicken soup I have ever had. This chicken soup is so good taste like home sweet home made. Easing this with yummy rice. Nice enough to delivery up to my 5th floor in this heat. Thank u gracias oh the empandas are awesome.


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The Cheesecake was above mediocre and I was so happy that when I asked for fettuccine instead of penne for the al vodka dish, it was satisfied. I will order here again, as I see the that the food is exemplary.


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Food was delivered 30 mins before the actual delivery time. Everything was still hot & tasted delicious! Will be ordering from here more often. Beef & chicken stew is amazing! As well as the chicken soup!

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